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Welcome! We would love to have you in our parent community.

🚀 App Launch Day 🚀

We are so excited to announce that we have launched our first version of the app! 📲


You can now:

💬access this forum from your phone ✅

❓ask any question you want ✅

📍 search for spots to take your child ✅

📆 browse the events calendar ✅


Keep your eyes peeled over the next month for:

🟨 our incredible shop curated with you in mind

🟨 educational blogs

🟨 iOS and GooglePlay capabilities

🟨 our online academy; learn what you need to succeed


As this is our first version we expect a few hiccups - all feedback welcome as we want to create the best app possible for you! 

Steph followed a year ago
Quick Post
Dear Parent, We want to partner with you on your journey helping your child. We have extensive experience in supporting families of children with disability and special needs and know how almost impossible it is to find information and a... (More)
Olivia updated 3 months ago

Are sports facilities unfit for disabled people?

The majority of those with disabilities want to get more involved in physical activities, like their non-disabled peers, yet lack/inaccessibility of necessary aspects - such as venues and equipment - can prevent them with yet another barrier to participating within... (More)

Sara O’Donnell
Parent of a 12 yr old with GDD and PVNH

Do the professionals involved with your child listen to their views?

If you feel they need help then you could share this guide from the Council for Disabled Children with them.

Sara O’Donnell
Parent of a 12 yr old with GDD and PVNH

How involved where you in your child's EHCP (educational health care plan) ?

'Many parents of children with SEND will have come across the term "Coproduction". It means having an equal and active role in designing whatever it is you're involved in. For parents, this is usually preparing the Education, Health and Care... (More)