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Are sports facilities unfit for disabled people?

The majority of those with disabilities want to get more involved in physical activities, like their non-disabled peers, yet lack/inaccessibility of necessary aspects - such as venues and equipment - can prevent them with yet another barrier to participating within... (More)

Sara O’Donnell
Parent of a 12 yr old with GDD and PVNH
Did you know? "Neurofeedback has been used as a treatment for ADHD in clinics for over 40 years and in some studies it has even been found to be as effective as medication in treating symptoms of inattention and impulsivity."... (More)

The Buteyko Method/Breathing Technique & ADHD

First arriving from Russia in the 90s, The Buteyko Method Breathing Technique involves taking a light, regular & effortless breath, originating from the diaphragm, (bottom of the chest), through the nose. This is known as Functional Breathing; it is opposed... (More)