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Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy
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Are sports facilities unfit for disabled people?

The majority of those with disabilities want to get more involved in physical activities, like their non-disabled peers, yet lack/inaccessibility of necessary aspects - such as venues and equipment - can prevent them with yet another barrier to participating within... (More)

Friends son is 4 and has cerebral palsy any suggestions on sports that he would benefit from? Parents have asked me to have a dig around. Am I best looking at disability specific or do regular sports groups have inclusive... (More)

Call for Evidence:- APPG & Action Cerebral Palsy

Have you seen our Facebook post about a Call for Evidence?

If you're currently in the process of getting a CP diagnosis for your child, or you have been recently, you can help the All-Party Parliamentary Group, (APPG), on Cerebral... (More)

Adam O
Parent Suportal Team

In Conversation with Connections Neuro-Disability Services – Facebook LIVE

💛Save the date💛

Join us for a Facebook Live session coming up on Thursday!

We will be chatting with Jules McDonald from Connections Neuro-Disability Services.

Jules is an expert in Conductive Education – a holistic integrated pedagogical/educational system, which enables... (More)