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Are sports facilities unfit for disabled people?

The majority of those with disabilities want to get more involved in physical activities, like their non-disabled peers, yet lack/inaccessibility of necessary aspects - such as venues and equipment - can prevent them with yet another barrier to participating within... (More)

Friends son is 4 and has cerebral palsy any suggestions on sports that he would benefit from? Parents have asked me to have a dig around. Am I best looking at disability specific or do regular sports groups have inclusive... (More)

Sense - Arts, Sports & Wellbeing

Did you know Sense charity are leaders in inclusive Arts, Sports & Wellbeing?

They engage in consultations with the Arts, Sports & Social Care sector to deliver training, offer insight relating to accessibility for the disabled community, and share their... (More)

I'm not sure which disability you are looking for but there is an organisation called CP Sport 261 for those with Cerebral Palsy and they have a page about football.